"MULYO"- a Sanskrit word, embodying the ethereal concepts of values and ethics. As a homegrown conscious kidswear brand, at MULYO, we are a sustainable movement. Like a precious blossom nurtured on Indian soil, we embrace the elegant grace of Japanese aesthetics, where minimalism speaks delicately. We stand for ethical consciousness towards the wellbeing of the planet, in a world where it is important to teach and educate the very awareness from a very young age.

We take pride in ethically sourcing only the finest quality of organic materials and Indian textile crafts, exclusively using AZO-FREE dyes, working with the socially backward women in need of "Sewa Bharti NGO," to mention a few. We aspire to infuse the idea of sustainability and conscious clothing, offering a versatility of designs, that will inspire the little ones to be more experimental with their style and be more environmentally responsible, all the while uplifting the local artisans to a global platform.

With every stitch, MULYO hopes to evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy, reminiscent of our own childhoods. We believe that sustainability and style can coexist harmoniously, empowering children to express their unique personalities while caring for the world around them. Together, let's create a brighter future, one conscious choice at a time.