I remember facing challenges as an experimental kid to find the right clothes for myself that will allow me to express who I am, due to the lack of sufficient options or the discomfort the barely available options often provided. I had also been a sensitive child with an inclination towards nature, who used to be fascinated by simple things such as a "Blue Door" at my grandparents' or the poking heads of wildflowers out of the concrete. Such things in Nature have taught me to not be afraid of expressing myself even when the circumstances are difficult, and in fact, everybody is accepted for who they are by Mother Earth.  With this love for nature and its beings, I envisioned the brand "MULYO" where every child will be able to find their choice of clothing for their real self, as well as learn the importance of environmental wellbeing. Well, the part of my soul behind "MULYO,” began its journey for a better society, where expressing oneself is embraced and nature is protected.


Having immense love for animals and Nature, I have always been bothered by the growing negative environmental impact due to fast-growing civilisation and primarily lack of awareness. I have also felt something important as self-expression and freedom of choice when cultivated at a young age, leads to a healthier society. Talking about long-term goals, For MULYO, I ideate a green planet where MULYO contributes by being ethical and sustainable, and at the same time, the keen minds of the little ones flourish.